club rules


Memebers Only Social Club

ATX Card House is a private members only social club!. Membership is available for purchase on daily,monthly and yearly basis. All members must in good standing in order to access the club.Membership can be revoked or suspended without prior notice and is monitored regularly. ATX Card House is a members-only establishment where all of the money bet during the game stays with the players. ATX Card House has no economic benefit or participation in any gambling , gambling fees, Rake and Commission etc. The Club does not earn any sort of rake from the pot. Players aren’t allowed to use their chips to tip dealers. We follow official World Series of Poker rules for all of our games. 

Who Can Visit The Club & How Do You Charge For Activities & Amenities ?

You must be a member to visit the club. ATX Card House is a private social club providing its members amenities / activities including  pool table, poker, board games and sports lounge. It is strictly membership based club. By paying club access fees,currently $10/hr, members are getting privilege to enjoy all amenities / activities such as poker games, board games, pool table and social sports lounge.

Can I Bring Weapons & Firearms To The Club?

 No weapons or firearms are permitted in ATX Card House.  

Can I Use Cell Phone During The Game?

Cell phone use is prohibited at or around the poker table.  Only English will be permitted while a hand is in play. 

What Is Your Smoking & Alcohol Policy?

Smoking and Electronic Cigarettes are not allowed.Members have BYOB privileges.

Members Agree To Abide By ATX Card House Regulations And Policies.

ATX Card House reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant and membership may be terminated at ATX Card House discretion and without cause. Membership is subject to any and all rules adopted by ATX Card House  and they may be amended from time to time without notice. 

All Managements’ decisions are final.